Aikuchi O-1: cirka 1550 
Blade hira zukuri, torii zori, with boshi on both sides.Weak suguha hamon, itame hada, o maru boshi with deep kaeri. Old kesho polish. Nakagu ubu with two mekugi ana, sujikai yasurime, uninscribed. Gilt copper habaki with nekogaki. Ribbed red laquer saya. Mounts of nigurome engraved with scrolling leaves, highlighted in gold. Tsuka fitted with same and mounted wit a pair of part-gilt duck menuki, copper kozuka in the form of a bridge post with millipedes. Copper kogai with shakudo zogan, blossoms and scrolling leaves. Mounting from the second half od the Edo period. 
Length k/m 29,7 cm, total length 45 cm. 
With old, silk embroidered storage bag and wooden box. 

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