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"Dragon" 24 Karat verg. = 45,00 €                         "Floral "     = 85,00 €                                     "Signet Crest" = 62,00 €              

"Galactic Pinwheel" = 72,00 €                        "Pipe" 18.00 €                                                                     Floral Venetian" Messing   29,00 €

40 Jahre Corvette 1993 = 62,00 €                             "Kyle Petty 1993" = 29,00 €                                 " Indianer 1995" = 27,00 €

Eagle USA 1992" = 22,00 €                                    Slim Line "Horse"   1995  = 28,00 €

"Bär 1995" = 32,00 €                                                    " USA 1995" = 22,00 €

Zippofeuerzeuge mit je einem handgefertigten Minimesser von Messerdesigner Eifler;
jedes Zippo ist somit ein Unikat
Stück 49.00 €

"D-Day, Normandie; 50 Jahre 1944-1994" = 199,00 €

"World War II" (4 Feuerzeuge) = 179,00 €

Harley-Davidson von 1900-1990 (alle 10 Jahre ein Motiv); Stückpreis = 59,00 €
was Sie sehen ist noch vorhanden
verkauft: 1900; 1950; 1960; 1980;

65 Anniversary (1932-1997) = Preis: 49,00 €
3 x vorhanden

1914 Model T Zippo commemorates the 1914 Model T portrayed in this Ken Eberts painting. The 1914 Model T was the first to be offered "In any color as long as it's black" and the first to be built with five dollar a day labor on the moving assembly line. Mass production was almost eight times faster, and enabled car owners to experience dramatic lifestyle changes by making the Model T more affordable. Reinforced ribs added to the aluminum transmission covers to prevent cracking when tightening bolts, and the curved bottom doors made even the family dog want a ride.

1928 Model A Zippo commemorates a Ford success story. On May 25, 1927, Ford halted production on the Model T. The Highland Park assembly line depicted in this Ken Eberts painting was idled while engineers worked out designs for a new model. Ford wanted to create an even more compelling vehicle that would keep customers coming back. That vehicle was the Model A, whose faster engine, four-wheel brakes and improved steering represented great strides in engineering. In preparation for Model A development, Ford spent almost $18 million on 4,500 completely new machinery tools, the modification of approximately 15000 existing tools and hundreds of welding machines to enable use of the latest welding techniques. Around the globe, approximately 1.5 million square feet of factory were added to company facilities to make room for the production of the Model A. As a result, a successful new car and a new approach to assembly emerged.

1949 Custom Zippo commemorates the 1949 Custom portrayed in this Ken Eberts painting. Henry Ford ll assembled a new team of designers to create the completely new style of the post-World War ll model 1949 Ford. The new and radical underside did not have a solid front axles, leaf springs or an X-type frame (except the convertible and station wagon). the '49 Fords were built on a lighter box frame dubbed the K-type. Ford's "top secret" unveiling wa well worth it after the 1949 Ford won the Fashion Academy Award for 1949 and 1950. Kids of all ages wanted to have one

Ford GT This legendary car that changed performance history finds new life in a modern road car that reignites Ford's hallmark of passion, performance and speed. The sleek new super car is reminiscent of the original 1960's-era racecars and is symbolic of Ford's heroic 1-2-3 victory in the 1966 24-hours of LeMans. Three new Ford GT's will be produced in 2003 to commemorate Ford's achievements at LeMans and to mark Ford Motor Company's 100th anniversary. An all-American six-speed manual transmission, supercharged MOD 5.4-liter DOHC V-8 helps keep the unique contemporary pose.

Year of Production: 2003 Finish: Brushed Chrome Condition: New with orange safety seal intact Manufacturer: Made in the USA by Zippo! Original Packaging: Missing original blue collector sleeve
Please note: missing original blue collector's sleeve (as seen in photo) "Heart & Soul Collection - 1964-1/2 Ford Mustang" From the 2003 Spring Choice Collection Catalog Each of the Heart & Soul Zippo models is displayed on a brushed chrome lighter inside an acrylic display Certificate of Authenticity The display measures at 4 1/2" X 6 1/4" X 3/4" A total of (18,000) pieces were produced for worldwide distribution

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verschiedene Ford-Modelle im Plexiglasblock eingelassen. Ich habe die Folie nicht entfernt
deshalb sind die Fotos nicht sehr deutlich geworden; aber dadurch wird der Plexiglasblock nicht verkratzt.
Zippo-Nr 20384,Ford 1914 Model T
Zippo-Nr 20385, Ford 1928 Model A
Zippo-Nr 20386, Ford 1949 Custom
Zippo-Nr 20387, Ford 1955 Thunderbird
Zippo-Nr 20388, Ford 1964 Mustang
Zippo-Nr 20389, Ford GT

Einzel-Preis: 129,00 €
Komplett-Preis: 590,00 €

Zippo Collection Manual 1
Erschienen: Tokyo, 1992
First Printing: November 1992
Editor: Kesaharu Imai
Seiten: 255
Die Bände sind in jap./englisch
49.00 €

Zippo Collection Manual 2
Erschienen: Tokyo, 1993
First Printing: November 1993
Editor: Kesaharu Imai
Seiten: 256
Die Bände sind in jap./englisch
49.00 €

Zippo-Nr. LPCBK Zippo-Tasche,
schwarz mit Clip
12.00 €