Mein gesamter Japan-Bestand an Blankwaffen nebst Schwertzierrat kommt aus verschiedenen Epochen Japans (die meisten Stücke aus der Edo-Periode). Es sind also alles Originale und keine Nachbildungen. 

Tanto O-A: circa 1661 
Blade shinogi zukuri, chu kissaki, torii zori. Suguha hamon, hada due to the slightly etched surface not recognisable. Boshi ko maru with middle kaeri. Partially rust spots in the form of worming. Nakago ubu with two mekugi ana, sujikai yasurime, inscribed "Awata-guchi Omi No Kami Tadatsuna" (TAD 269, 25 P.). Gilt copper habaki with nekogaki. Black lacquer saya with aogai flakes. Silver fuchi kashira with wave engraving. Green silk thread wrap over same, part-gilt samurai menuki. Iron nademarugata hamidashi tsuba with blooming branch in takabori. Silver kozuka, celestial guardian and o-mikuji (strips of paper with random fortunes), the blade loose. Mounting from the late Edo period. 
Length k/m 22 cm, total length 38 cm. 

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Tanto O-B: circa 1710 
Blade hira zukuri, torii zori. Sugu ha and gonome choji hamon, probably mokume hada, boshi o maru with middle kaeri, etched blade, improperly polished with small scratches. Nakago ubu, one mekugi ana, kiri yasurime, inscribed "Hizen Kuni Ju Tadakuni" (Tad 83 15 P.). Copper habaki with nekogaki, dark etched patination. Mounting from the late Edo period, fuchi kashira of shibuichi a blooming branch decorated in takabori. Tsuka fitted with same and mounted with part-gilt shishi menuki, black silk cord wrap. Sentoku tsuba with dragons in clouds. Sentoku kozuka with pumpkin vines with shakudo, part-gilt. Black ishime laquer saya with ribs. 
Length k/m 28,7 cm, total length 49 cm. 

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Tanto 2: Signiert 
Japanese Samurai Edo Signed Tanto sword in Raden Koshirae Signed Sukesada saku, Nigatsu-hi. Artikelmerkmale Type: Swords; Region of Origin: Japan; Primary Material: Mixed Materials; Original/Reproduction: Original; Age: Pre-1800 *DESCRIPTION Product: Tanto sword in Koshirae; Region of origin: Japanese; Original/Repro: Original; Age: Edo period Total length: 35.6cm; Weight:260g Condition: Ordinary antique condition with age appropriate wear and flaws Attachment: A tanto sack; Japanese sword registration card that is effective only in Japan Blade (Edo period) Hacho:20.3cm Motokasane: 0.6cm Motohaba: 2.1cm Sakikasane: 0.3cm Sakihaba: 1.5cm Sori: 0 cm Material: Iron Hamon: Suguha Signature: Sukesada, saku, Nigatsu-hi (Sukesada, February) (We cannot guarantee the signature as it has not been appraised by NBTHK) Tsukurikomi: Hirazkuri Condition: Old polished. Sabi (rusts) with age appropriate wear and flaws. Koshirae Saya Size: 25.7 x:3.2 x 1.8cm 76g Sori: 0.5cm Material : Wood, iron (Koikuchi, Kojiri) Condition: Ordinary antique condition with appropriate wear and flaws. Decoration: Raden Tsuka Size:9.9 x 3.2x 1.8cm, 28g Material : Wood, iron (Fuchi Kashria) Signature : Unsigned Condition: Ordinary antique condition with age appropriate wear and flaws. Decoration: Raden Tsuba Size: 4.2 x2.9x 0.3 cm 24g Nakago Size:2.2x 0.7cm Material : Copper Signature : Unsigned Condition: Good antique condition with age appropriate wear and small flaws. Technique: Migakiji Seppa Size:3.4x 2.2 x 0.1cm 2g Size:3.3x 2.1 x 0.1cm 3g Material: Copper Condition: Ordinary antique condition with age appropriate wear and flaws. Habaki Size: 2.4x 1.7x 0.8cm 7g Material : Copper Condition: Ordinary antique condition with age appropriate wear and flaws.
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Tanto 15: Klinge signiert 
Wide Tanto with Aged Koshirae & Shirosaya-Ettyukami- 24.1cm Artikelmerkmale Type: Wide Tanto; Region of Origin: Japan; Primary Material: Iron, Shakudo & Wood; Original/Reproduction: Original; Age: 1700-1799; Explanation It is Wide Tanto with aged koshirae and Shirosaya which are both whole aged in Edo period. Blade has a sign named -Ettyu kami (out of following)-. Authenticity of the name is unknown since there is no certification. Blade is polished and almost no wound, it keeps very good condition. Style is very interesting because of 3.2cm width same as long katana size and 0.65 thickness, so it is heavy weight appearance. It attach whole aged Koshirae. Kojiri attached Patterend saya is nice though Kurikata is cracked on head part. Tsuba is not good quality. Blade is 33.4cm in full length, Temper part 24.1cm. Koshirae is 39.2cm in full length. I will put in bag and send it at post office by EMS mail from Japan. Dimensions Koshirae Full length 39.2cm; Shirosaya Full length 42cm; Blade Full length 33.4cm; Temper length 24.1cm; Sori 0.4cm; Hole 1; Widith 3.2cm; Thick 0.65cm; Age: Edo Period; 

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